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Pediatric Care

Like most parents, you want the very best for your child, including a childhood filled with happy, carefree memories rather than pain, illness and worry. Unfortunately, many parents don’t know that there are natural, drug-free options to help their children be the healthiest and happiest they can be. Dr. Joe Piché and Dr. Lea Piché of Piché Family Chiropractic in Traverse City, Michigan, have cared for hundreds of children of all ages. Not only is chiropractic care, pain-free and drug-free, but highly effective. To learn more, contact us today.

Pediatric Q & A

Is chiropractic care safe for children?

Chiropractic care is safe and highly recommended. As a matter of fact, many pediatricians and family medicine doctors recommend chiropractic care for misalignments in infants and children. Chiropractic care is one of the few alternative medicine disciplines largely supported by traditional doctors.

Do all chiropractors care for children or do I need to find a pediatric chiropractor?

All chiropractors have been trained in pediatric care. However, some chiropractors choose to specialize in this area, which means that they pursue additional training and education in pediatrics throughout the course of their career to stay abreast of changing technology and new research.

The best way to choose a chiropractor is to do your research in advance. Explore these questions:

  • Do they advertise pediatric services?
  • Can they share references of satisfied parents of pediatric patients?
  • Have they received adequate training on pediatric chiropractic care?

When is it important for my child to see the chiropractor?

Because birth can cause spinal trauma, it’s important for your child to see a chiropractor during their first year of life. These spinal misalignments that result from birth can contribute to health problems in infancy and childhood if left untreated.

Additionally, chiropractic treatment serves two primary purposes:

  • Maintaining proper alignment despite childhood falls and traumas to prevent health problems
  • Optimizing the developing nervous system of each child so that child can be happy and healthy during childhood. A healthy childhood leads to happy adulthood!

You may choose to schedule routine appointments to maintain alignment, but should definitely contact our office if you’re noticing health problems in your child.